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ULK Masters Programmes Officially Launched

ULK officially launched its masters programmes on Monday 24th September 2012 at the main campus. On this special day students registered in the different programmes, invited guests, members on the ULK board of Directors and its Executive council took a tour around the building to see the modern facilities put in place for the smooth running of the programmes.
Before the speeches, different authorities gave speeches. Different facilities were visited including: the physical library, the digital library, venues for masters classes and different administrative floors made of different offices.
The Rector opened the ceremony and thanked every body for making this a dream come true.
After the Rector of the University, the vice rectors in charge of Academics and Post graduate studies explained the road taken towards this great achievement. They remarked that it all started with a regional bench marking tour, then the approval of different ULK organs, stake holders’ validation meetings, submitting the papers to the ministry of Education and finally the programmes were approved and signed by the Honourable Minister of Education.
The President gave a very educative speech where he dwelt on quality including; quality teachers and teaching, quality students, quality facilities and quality products.
He emphasized that it is not a matter of getting a degree paper but what matters is the knowledge gained at the end of the course and how the graduates can put what they learnt in practice.
At the same function, the president was re honoured by the forum of Print Newspapers for his exceptional work well done in Rwanda and being a media –friendly person.

The started programmes are:

-* Master of Science in Economics,

-* Master of Law in Public International,

Some of the highlights can be seen in the pictorial below



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