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Today, October 4th 2016, ULK Kigali Campus students were privileged to be briefed on the relevance of working closely with financial institutions like banks. This was in a presentation made by three men working for 3 separate companies operating in the country.

The three men are Mr Kalimunda Erinest, Business Growth and Development Manager in Equity Bank, Mr Emmanuel Tuyisenge, Founder of TEMACO Builders, and Gilbert Banamwana, CEO of Cycle Investment Cooperative.

The three presenters took the floor one by one and wetted students’ appetite on how to start a business for self-reliance. To better convey their massage, Mr Kalimunda Ernest focused on the importance of saving culture and what to expect when someone has adopted the culture of working closely with banking institutions. He also reminded participants that some people fail in their endeavors not because they were born to fail but simply because they try to live beyond their means.

“There are some people who don’t own bank accounts. They keep their money with them or they sometimes blame their money to be too little to save. This is a misconception because any coin is worth saving and can take you to a higher financial position”, he told them.

“If you want to be successful in life and financially make considerable strides, you should not live beyond your means. Instead you should live according to your revenues and spent accordingly”, he added.

To supplement what Kalimunda had said, Mr Emmanuel Tuyisenge took the floor and shed more light on how he created his own Company, TEMACO Builders, which deals in construction materials. In his words, he proved how starting from scratch can take someone to another level. When he started, he had no seed capital to kick-start his project with, but he remained focused and together with a never give up spirit, he finally got where he wanted to be. Today, his company is one of well known companies countrywide and gives services to a stream of people.

“When I started, I was completely broke. However I had an idea within me and I moved earth and heaven to make it materialize one day. What is important is having information, willingness and avoid procrastinating plans”, he said.

However, what impressed participants most is the way Mr Gilbert Banamwana, former Economics student at Kigali Independent University  ULK and currently pursuing a master’s program at the same university, happened to create a Microfinance by urging ULK students to save a coin of one hundred Rwandan Francs(100FR) on a daily basis.

As he disclosed, his company now stands at one hundred fifty million Rwandan Francs as working capital (150,000,000FR). Besides, the microfinance supports small business owners by providing them with loans to uplift themselves economically.

“I always had an idea of starting a banking institution. However since I couldn’t know how to make it happen, I could get stuck. But one day an idea crossed into my mind and now the business company I’ve created has grown big and is helping people from all backgrounds of life”, he proudly told participants.

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