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“God almighty himself is the real founder of Kigali Independent University”

 This statement was uttered by the president and founder of Kigali Independent University, Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA Balinda addressing to the students of ULK/Gisenyi campus this Wednesday 19th February 2020. This is in line with the habit of the President and Founder to meet students from ULK/ Gisenyi campus on a quarterly basis.

Lawyer ISHEMA Pierre, coordinator of Academic affairs introducing the guest

To get the ball rolling, Lawyer ISHEMA Pierre, coordinator of Academic Affairs, introduced the guest to the audience and bade everyone in attendance to be all ears on grounds of the relevancy of the advice from the President and Founder.

Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, the Vice-Chancellor of ULK delivering an introductory note.

As long as some students in this academic year of 2019-2020 had not met the President and Founder, an introductory note had been made by the Vice-Chancellor of ULK, Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, who also opened the event by a word of prayer and invited the President and Founder to deliver his message.

The presidents and founder of ULK, addressing the audience

In his speech, the president and founder of Kigali Independent University, Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA Balinda thanked each and every stakeholder especially students for their right choice they had made.

“You had made the right choice dear students, since ULK is the second University in Rwanda as it is arranged according to web ranking and we are striving for excellence so that we keep the first rank in not only Rwanda but also Africa”. Said the president and founder of ULK.

He continued his remarks by providing a number of secrets play an unquestionable role in the effective learning of students. They include but not limited to, regular class interactive participation, group work, personal regular studies, the mastery of the four English skills, the master of computer skills, the endowment of ethical values, to mention but a few.

It is our duties and responsibilities to provide you with the best lecturers and avail the best facilities to help you learn effectively. Therefore, you should make a good use of all this by maximizing the record of your class attendance, mastering English skills, ICT skills and upholding ethical values….” the President and Founder told the students.

The president and founder climaxed his remarks by praying for all ULK/Gisenyi community.


Prepared by ULK CELA office /Gisenyi Campus

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