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Today, 13th February 2017, ULK President and Founder, Prof. Dr Rwigamba Balinda held two important sessions in which he tipped Kigali Campus students on the secret of success. The first session took place in the morning before the students entered their respective classes, while a similar session took place in the evening to make evening section students enjoy what their day section counterparts had enjoyed in the morning.

Both sessions were introduced by a word of prayer which was subsequently followed by the president’s message in full.

Orlando Battista was right when he said, “The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time”. The president of ULK clearly understands this and always does whatever it takes to insure that he addresses the students on issues of great significance.

In his both sessions the president stressed the relevance of combining both science and conscience as prioritizing the former and ignoring the latter would lead to failure.

“If you value science and neglect conscience, your life will be a failure”, he told the eager students.

In the same perspective, the president gave the students six secrets that will lead to success: Participation, personal regular study, group work discussion, English skills, ICT Skills and reading. As he expounded, the participation is all about attending classes and asking questions where the learner does not understand. Still at this point, he stressed that attendance sheets must be given to Heads of Departments and lecturers to monitor the attendance of the students so that only those with 80% attendance rate will be allowed to sit for exams.

ULK Lecturers and Admin Staff ULK Master of Ceremony Mr. Jean Baptiste

Talking about English skills, the president made it clear that English is not only the language of science, the medium of instruction, but it is also the language the entire globe uses for business and communication. He therefore urged the students to value this language by taking part in various speaking activities organized on the campus through English Club and Debate Club.ULK VC Dr SEKIBI Ezechiel

Before winding up his message, the president gave the floor to the students to ask questions or share some comments. The questions were answered in a satisfactory manner and that brought the event to an end.

Good to say, the students were heard saying that this initiative of the president and Founder of ULK to come and meet them so as to tip them on a number of important points and hear from their problems, is a move in the right direction. The students said that this initiative should continue as it inspires and motivates them to shape a better future for them and excel in their studies.

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