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If there is anything that ever makes human beings jubilant, it is to be positively perceived. Actually, no one dislikes compliments. We all like to be told that we are doing the right thing, and that we are doing it excellently.  When you have ambitions you have set, you always have the burning desire of seeing them materializing.

It is in this framework that Kigali Independent University ULK was pleased to read the recently unveiled report from Higher Education Council which unequivocally states that Kigali Independent University ULK was ranked second countrywide after the University of Rwanda. The latter accumulated 592.42 points while Kigali Independent University ULK garnered 583.21 points.  This insinuates that Kigali Independent University occupies the first position among all private universities and institutes of higher learning operating in Rwanda because it came second after a public university.

Four parameters were taken into consideration while ranking:  The first parameter was infrastructure (Physical and academic); the Second was Faculty, research, consultancy (MDP/EDP and other programs; the third was admission curriculum, and delivery systems while the fourth was the placement, USP, networking and industry interface.

This is yet another considerable milestone Kigali Independent University has made in the area of academics. Indeed, this agrees to ULK’s commitment of producing quality graduates. Today, the university rejoices to have the state-of-the-art buildings used for both academic and administrative purposes.  The infrastructure it has put in place contributes significantly to the quality of learning as students can now access resources either through physical libraries or electronic libraries.

Additionally, the university has made tremendous strides in utilizing ICT in various services it offers. For instance, students can now access their marks online, process their registrations online, lecturers can submit their marks online, to mention just a few. But most importantly, the university premises are fully covered with internet connection to facilitate students’ research and enhance quality learning.

When the ranking was leaked, it was perceived as fully ascertaining the values the university has put in place since excellence is one of those values. The university aims at excelling academically or in any other thing that can improve lives of members of the human family.

Therefore, there is no shadow of doubt that the success so far registered by ULK can be mathematically described as follows: Quality programs plus quality teaching staff plus quality resources equals quality students.

Importantly, one may applaud the endeavors made by various institutions either local or international to rank universities because this encourages these knowledge providers to work harder by improving where they performed poorly. It is also another way of helping the people to know the right place to go for their quality education. Thus, the rankings of this nature are worth saluting.

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