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Today 6th March 2017, SACEM Industries and Kigali Independent University ULK signed a Memorandum of understanding that will make it possible for both sides to partner in a number of areas.

On this special occasion, SACEM Industries was represented by its Director General, M. Mohamed Ghazi CHEBBI while Kigali Independent University ULK was represented by its Founder and President, Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA BALINDA.

In his welcome remarks, Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA BALINDA thanked SACEM Industries for having expressed its desire to partner with ULK for mutual benefit. He also said that Kigali Independent University ULK stands ready to meet its obligations as drafted in the signed MoU.

The MoU signing session was good but the spicing on the cake was the tour they made around ULK to discover more about the services offered therein. Along the tour, they were shown around and were provided with explanations on a variety of services and departments housed by ULK.

Having signed the MoU, the head of SACEM Industries delegation, M. Mohamed Ghazi CHEBBI, could not hide his satisfaction towards such a milestone. He said that the reached agreement will significantly pave the way for huge achievements that will impact positively to the betterment of both companies.

As stipulated by the signed MoU, either side committed itself to meeting a number of responsibilities. As for SACEM Industries, it will train the trainers of trainers; prepare the appropriate training modules under the auspices of ULK, to mention but a few.  In the same perspective, ULK, will have to meet some responsibilities which include among others dealing with publicity and means of communication, allowing SACEM trainers to stay in ULK Guest House during the training period, etc.

It should be noted that SACEM Industries is a Tunisia-based company which has since 1966 been at the forefront in the manufacture and marketing of transformers as well as the distribution of single-phase, three-phase and special electric power.  It is expected that the signed MoU will mainly center on electricity, a field in which SACEM Industries heavily invests.

Being in high spirits, the representatives of both sides posed for a group photo and this was the end of the function.


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