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The Joint Action Development Forum, JADF in short, is a mechanism designed to achieve improved service delivery and economic development at the local level. It is expected that local development and service provision such as water and sanitation, education, health, agriculture, and finance, will benefit by improving accountability relations between the recipients and the suppliers. It was in this context that a three day open day was organized from 26th – 29th September 2012 where developments partners got a special opportunity to display their services to the beneficiaries. Furthermore, partner institutions got an occasion of exchanging information and experience and consolidate their relations.

Pertaining to the exhibited services of ULK, the stall gave an idea of the synergy and actions taken in terms of contributing to the national move toward achieving its complete development. On top of the display, the ULK masters programmes with nine different specialties, the professional training, the achievements and innovations of ULK graduates were presented. Additionally, visitor shared about some success stories of ULK as one of the best Employers and social development devotees. The awards, trophies ULK won provide more evidence as to how Kigali independent University is an unwavering partner of the country development.


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