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May 1, 2015 employees of ULK and other institutions linked to it such as Glory Secondary School come together to celebrate the Labor Day at the main Campus. A word of prayer and a few introductory remarks regarding labor day were made by Mr. Claudien Rudasingwa, Public Relations officer.

Thereafter, on behalf of ULK officials Dr. Karambizi Sylvestre, Deputy Vice Chancellor Postgraduate, Research and Consultation, gave an address to employees in line with this year’s theme “Employment Promotion for National Development”. His speech was about a background to labor before and after 1994 genocide.
“Before 1994 our country seemed not to grasp the concept of labor because the leaders made it a dependent country”. Said Dr. Karambizi


He emphasized the significant role of the current government which strives to avail all possible opportunities beneficial to the citizens’ development. Dr. Karambizi asked employees to attach great importance to their job and aspire to always take advantage of opportunities available to improve any kind of job we are doing in order to accelerate our own development and the development of our country.





After his speech, the discussion was open to every participant. All those who intervened, encouraged their fellows to love their work and get ready to change their minds and behavior without which they cannot develop themselves and the country.

Many workers expressed their gratitude to ULK which not only teaches them professionalism but also to live ethical values such integrity, humility, determination and excellence.
To conclude Dr. Karambizi cautioned employees to love their job so as to reach sustainable development.

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