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ULK student MUKESHA Sandra Appointed the EAC Youth Ambassador in Rwanda

Three ULK students; Sandra Mukesha, Diane Kayiteta Kayitare and Emmanuel Kirenga have raised the banners of the university and waved the flag of our country while attending debates and conferences organised by EAC towards the objective of engaging the youth/students in the EAC integration process. MUKESHA Sandra was appointed as the EAC youth Ambassador in Rwanda.

As East African Community (EAC) integration widens and deepens, there is growing need to bring on board youth to engage with them on a continuous basis on issues pertinent to the integration process. Additionally, the fact that the EAC integration is people centred, the Youth have the potential to foster creativity, innovation, leadership and sharing of information and nurture a bond of East-Africans with a distinct East African identity that is very much desired.

This year the Academia- private sector partnership forum and exhibition was organised to take place from 24th October 2013- 26th October, Nairobi Kenya with the objective to provide a convergence platform for academia and the private sector in a bid to strategize on effective mechanisms for promoting academia and private sector partnership in east Africa for sustained socio-economic development and regional integration.

In this context, prior to the conferences, the EAC Secretariat organised Student’s debate which took place in Dar es Salaam, under the theme; “Understanding the opportunities and challenges arising from regional integration for the youth in East Africa” to ensure structured participation of the Youth in the EAC integration process through institutionalized collaboration between universities / students/ youth organizations, the business community and the EAC.

Each member state was represented by 5 university students. It is worth noting that three among the five Rwandan delegate students are registered with ULK and two could win prices as great debaters. In addition, EAC forum appoints five Youth Ambassadors, one from each Partner State on a one year non-renewable term. Great news, this year term 2013-2014, in Rwanda MUKESHA Sandra was appointed as the EAC youth Ambassador.



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