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On 27th June 2019, Kigali Independent University hosted a talk on human trafficking delivered by Florence Boivin and Dr. Denis Roumestan both Canadian nationals. Both are human rights activists who believed in the spirit that human beings should enjoy their lives with no one mistreating them. Florence and Dr. Devis are married and they have been working hand in hand to raise the awareness of the ills committed against humanity so that appropriate actions can be taken to stop the evils. Dr. Devis is a long serving lawyer who has been serving as an attorney for more than 40 years.

As usual, visitors are welcomed before delivering their message. It is in this respect that Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, the Vice Chancellor of Kigali Independent University ULK welcomed them and said that their talk comes timely as it will help the students to know tricks used by traffickers to lure their victims.


Shortly after the welcome remarks, Florence Boivin was handed the microphone to deliver her message. As she said, human trafficking is a crime against humanity which is close to torture whereby the traffickers pledge juicy things to easily win their victims’ hearts. She also made it clear that there are three main types of human trafficking; namely, sex trafficking, labor trafficking, and organ trafficking. With sex trafficking, the traffickers sell the victim to be sexually exploited. Labor trafficking, the victim is sold to work for some individuals without being recognized for the efforts she/he spends, while organ trafficking is about selling the victims for removing their body organs such as kidneys and give them to other people for money.

“Pimps are people who buy girls and women to use them in sexual exploitation business and they have all the rights of the victims in their hands. All the victims’ have to do is to please the perverts who come for sexual pleasure. Failure to please the client may lead to the victim’s death”, she said.

Florence said that 80% of human trafficking is at home. This means that people in different homes are playing a pivotal role in making this crime more rampant.

“This crime has reached the level whereby some parents sell their own children to the traffickers. These parents are promised that their children will be given nice jobs in some factories but sometimes these parents receive disheartening news about their children’s death. When the child dies of torture, excessive sexual exploitation and the like, the traffickers will tell the family that the child succumbed to a disease or any other circumstance but not their mistreatment”, she told the participants.

Corroborating Florence, Dr. Devis focused on the legal actions taken against human trafficking. As he said there are some legal texts, treaties used to fight human trafficking. He cited the Rwandan Law no. 514/2018/ of 13th August 2018 dealing with human trafficking. He quoted articles 5 and 24 of the same Law with the former urging any person with information on possible human trafficking incidents to alert competent authorities or government organs such as the police. And the latter describes the punishment handed to whoever is proven guilty of human trafficking.

In their conclusion, the speakers urged the participants to always be good whistleblowers and inform the police or competent authorities of possible human trafficking cases. They also urged ULK students to launch an Anti-Human Trafficking Club to raise the voice against this evil.

At the end of the function, questions were asked and answered satisfactorily before the Vice Chancellor thanked the speakers for their important talk.

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