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Wednesday 1st June 2016, a delegation of 25 students from Université Libre des Pays des Grands Lacs (ULPGL) visited ULK Gisenyi Campus to cement ties between the students’ Unions of both universities. ULPGL is a religious university operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo, precisely in Goma town.
Mr Kambale Eric, head of the delegation, said that their visit aimed at petrifying the relationships between ULK students and those at ULPGL for mutual benefits. “We believe that no man is an island. That’s why we have found it important to engage into bilateral relations with ULK students for mutual benefits. Together we can help each other in a number of issues aiming at putting both universities on the map”, he emphatically said.
Most of them had arrived at ULK Gisenyi Campus for the first time. To this, they were taken to different places of the campus to grasp it well. Along the tour, AGEULK (ULK students union) members led them alongside the officials of the university.
Having sufficiently toured the campus, it was now time to interact with the campus community. It is at this stage that Dr. Munyamasooko Cyeze Emmanuel, DVC Academics, gave them the historical background of the university to supplement what they had eye-witnessed. He thereafter reminded them that education is the right vehicle to propel the progress of countries in all sectors of life.
“ULK as an institution of higher learning, found it worthwhile to abide by faith in God, knowing one’s mission on earth, having positive thoughts and living ethical values. With these principles the university successfully meets its goals”, he told them.
“Indeed, we should bear in mind that education remains the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world, as Nelson Mandela put it”, he added.
At the end of his remarks, there was a room for a question-answer session. It is at this point that some of the visitors wished to know whether ULK has a strategy that enables students from Francophone countries to study at ULK with ease and confidence. Answering this question, Dr. Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel told them to ease their minds because ULK, through its Language Center (CELA) organizes free English courses.
“Ease your minds. You don’t need to worry much about the language of instruction used at our university. Our university has a Language Center which usually avails two skilled and committed lecturers to freely train people both in Congo and Rwanda. You will soon hear about their presence in your home country for this purpose”, he assured them.
The function climaxed in a group photo to serve as a memory of their fruitful deliberations.

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