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On 28th October 2017, ULK students through their union commonly known as AGEULK organized a community service (Umuganda) in conjunction with the management of Kigali Independent University ULK. The annual exercise took place at the Kigali Genocide Memorial Site located in Gisozi Sector.

It was an exercise that had attracted a cross section of the members of the human family including ULK students, staff members, authorities from the City of Kigali, army and police representatives, to mention but a few.

While at the memorial site, they slashed bushy areas, mopped the floor, swept different venues at the memorial site and many other activities geared towards making the memorial site look cleaner.

Speaking at the exercise, lecturer UWIMANA Ndiyaye Innocent who was representing the the university in the noble exercise, the officials who joined them in the exercise and told them that Kigali Independent University ULK, as a university that is always among the leading universities in the country, strives to also take the lead in the wellbeing of the neighboring communities and the betterment of Gasabo District in which it operates.

“It gives me pleasure to thank all the officials here present today for their decision of joining us in this community service. I can let you know that ULK does not only strive to make the lead in education sector but also in the wellbeing of neighboring populations and the progress of Gasabo District it operates in…”, he was quoted saying.

“We will continue to do everything possible to make Rwanda a country of excellence in cleanliness in such a way that many other countries around the world will be jetting into the country for learning lessons”, he proudly added.

Mr. GATANAZI Gervais, AGEULK Guild president, underscored that as students they find pride in taking part in activities organized by the youth since everything they do is for the benefit of the neighboring community, parents, landlords; and as young people, they find it a task to help the government meet its development agenda targets.

“Students at ULK find Umuganda something valuable and necessary. We do it with all our hearts because we know it impacts positively on the lives of the neighboring communities, parents, landlords and many others. We therefore give this noble activity our all because there is nothing better than making our beloved Rwanda a hub of cleanliness in the world”, he said.

It is also worth noting that the students paid  health insurance contributions to 150 people from Gisozi Sector, a move saluted by the local government attending the function.

At the end of the activity they all vowed to keep the noble initiative intact so that their example can be emulated by the generations to come.


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