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On 31st October 2019, Kigali Independent University ULK hosted a public lecture on the benefits of saving. The lecture was delivered by a three man delegation from the Central Bank of Rwanda (BNR) and Ejo Heza Pension Scheme. The delegation was led by Dr. Bigirimana Moise, Manager of Financial Inclusion Education and Consumer Protection at BNR.

Upon their arrival, they were welcomed by the Director of Administration and Finance, NSENGIYUMVA Jacques, who thanked them for their time to address the entire ULK community on a topic of utmost value. After his welcome remarks, Dr. BIGIRIMANA Moise grabbed the microphone to deliver his message.

In his talk, Dr. BIGIRIMANA told the audience that their visit came at the time when the world was closing the World Saving Week whose theme is, “Save for a Better Future.” He went further and defined what financial inclusion means. As he said, financial inclusion is defined as having access to a transaction account. Borrowing a leaf from this definition, he called upon the audience to uphold the culture of saving by bearing in mind that before spending one’s money, it is good too, first of all, save at least 10% of the amount.

“ There is a widely known saying which goes,’ you shouldn’t save what remains after spending but you should spend what remains after saving”, he told the gathering.

The message by NDANAMIRA Jean Claude, who was with Dr. BIGIRIMANA, mainly centered on the benefits found in Ejo Heza Pension Scheme. As he said, Ejo Heza affiliates get numerous benefits such as giving around one million francs to the family that has lost a close relative, pension fees upon turning 55 years old, disability benefits to members disabled by various circumstances, to mention but a few.

“Some people find it hard to retire owing to the fact that they didn’t plan for their retirement. To avoid falling in the same trap, you need to start saving from today. With your mobile money account, you can save for your retirement age and live knowing that you will retire with dignity”, he told the audience.

The event climaxed in a question answer session with some students wishing to know how to register for Ejo Heza benefits and NDANAMIRA gave them the registration code, *506#, which many students quickly dialed as soon as it was disclosed.



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