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ULK Thanksgiving day

This event took place at ULK Stadium-Gisozi on Tuesday December 10, 2013. It was in recognition of the wonders that God made for ULK community along 17years of service as a University.
These ceremonies were introduced by a word of prayer by The Founder and President of ULK, Prof. Rwigamba Balinda who even preached the word of that day. Besides, different choirs were there to heat the day! Among the programmes that were on the agenda, there was time for testimonies whereby some ULK community members gave witnesses on how they struggled but with ULK which made their life soft, they are praising Almighty.
The Founder himself gave the background of ULK and detailed how he sweated to make it what it is today; from Sainte Famille where they were renting two rooms and settled in Gishanga for a while and shifted to Gisozi where the ceremonies were taking place.
Apart from ULK community, i.e ULK staff, students were also invited to the ceremony.

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