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When ULK/Gisenyi Campus officials visited secondary school leavers in Goma in June 2015, the latter expressed their wish to embark on university studies at ULK given its outstanding equipment as well as the quality teaching it offers. Nevertheless, it was voiced that the lack of communication skills in English, the medium of instruction, would hinder those prospective students from joining ULK.
To satisfy their burning desire, ULK/Gisenyi authorities pledged to avail two lecturers to go and offer three weeks’ English training course.
It is in this framework that lecturers NIZEYIMANA Sylvain and MANIRAKIZA Jean Baptiste enthusiastically set off for Goma on 20th July 2015 to get the ball rolling. Both mentors were welcomed with open arms by a good number of Congolese students who had been eagerly waiting for them.

Using their ingenuity and pedagogical tact, the determined mentors succeeded in helping those who attended the course break communication barriers, English as a matter of fact. To get there, a special methodology was indeed used.

Mentor Sylvain Nizey­imana in action

“To make sure my trainees speak English effectively just within three weeks’ time, I applied special methods and techniques. I could get them fake English until they make it. From the very start, I set activities that made them speak English without troubling themselves about errors and mistakes (…)” Mr. MANIRAKIZA Jean Baptiste was quoted saying.

Good to say, around thirteen Congolese students have so far confirmed their registration at ULK; hence a poof of their satisfaction with the training offered to them. Still, many more are expected to join ULK since registration is still going on.

It should be mentioned that ULK/Gisenyi Campus officials namely Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel (Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics), Mr. KABASHA Medard (Academic Director) and Eng. MUGUMO Deo (Administrative and Financial Director) proved very supportive throughout the training. The three of them even went extra miles. They availed themselves and attended the closing ceremony held on Friday, 7th August 2015.

Trainees proving the­ir progress in Engli­sh through debates

To make the closing function colorful, trainees were led to carry out a friendly debate on a motion of great importance. People in attendance, among whom the three officials from ULK/Gisenyi, watched in amazement Congolese students manipulating the language of Shakespeare with ease just after a short period of training.

Closing remarks  by DVC Academics

To crown it all, Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel, the guest of honor, thanked each and everyone who had contributed to making the training successful. Most importantly, he encouraged the trainees to aim higher and go further with their studies bearing in mind that education is the most important investment.

Mentor Jean Baptiste with trainees

Mentor Sylvain Nizeyimana with trainees

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