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Some events have gone by with no one caring much about them. However it will not be the case for a moving debate competition that brought together first year students and their second year counterparts at ULK Gisenyi Campus on 15th May 2014.
Everyone who attend the function will tell you it was unique and one of a kind. One of the qualities that made this event more interesting is the way year one students braved to talk in public. Being academically the youngest on the campus, they did not appear nervous to express their views in public. They valiantly deepened the motion and left all participants dumbfounded.
Something worth informing is that the motion which both sides controversially discussed was” THIS HOUSE BELIEVES THAT THE NEW EVALUATION SYSTEM IN RWANDAN INSTITUTIONS OF HIGHER LEARNING HAS BROUGHT MORE GOOD THAN HARM”. Year one students were to argue for the motion whereas their counterparts were to oppose it.
Each side was represented by five students. To make everything run smoothly, every debater was granted 8 minutes to prove their prowess and debating skills in English.
To tell the truth, the debate was of high quality and extremely tight in such a way that it cost the judging panel an arm and a leg to announce the winning side.

However, though it was cumbersome to unveil the winning side, the judges eventually clarified matters.They declared year two students winners of the motion and this made the students in question high-spirited.
Not only did the judges reveal the winning side, but they also made the audience know the best debaters. In this respect, three debaters notably Daniel MANZI (Year two), Clemence FEZA (Year one) and Innocent KANYENDUGA (Year one), were respectively declared best debaters and were handed prizes.
Handed the microphone, Mr. Sylvain NIZEYIMANA, Director of the Language Center (CELA) expressed his satisfaction and commended all debaters for their efforts in trying to set a good example in this communication world. “You have impressed me to the extent that words fail me when it comes to thanking you. I really appreciate the endeavor made by these debaters in maximizing their communication skills in English”, he emphatically stated.
In a bid to supplement NIZEYIMANA, Mr. Jean Baptiste MANIRAKIZA, a lecturer and member of CELA, highlighted the importance of English clubs. To this end, he shed more light on how English clubs help students improve the four communicative language skills, namely listening, speaking, reading and writing. “English clubs provide you with a golden opportunity to practice the four language skills. I urge you to partake in the clubs’ activities as much as you can. Remember, opportunity seldom knocks twice”.
There being no other activity left, debaters were all handed English Language Proficiency Certificates in an exercise led by Dr. Cyeze MUNYAMASOKO Emmanuel, Vice Rector Academics who thanked ULK English language lecturers for their commitment to sharpening students minds in English. He also called upon students to actively get involved in English Clubs’ activities in order to gain unfathomable skills on how to become effective public speakers.

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