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ULK/Gisenyi Campus Gathers To Close The Induction Week

On Friday 7th October 2016, ULK/Gisenyi Campus community was rejuvenated to gather in the main hall to close the induction week which was officially launched on Monday 3rd October 2016. The function brought together the university’s officials, lecturers, administrative cadres as well as students. Were invited to the function, KANAMUGIRE Theobald and NSABIMANA Sylvain, respectively Chief Inspector of Police and Executive Secretary of Rubavu District.

Just after a brief few remarks by the campus number one, Prof. Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel, the OPJ took the floor to brief the gathering. His address was focused on security. To kick-start, he said that Rwanda is among the countries which top the ladder when it comes to talking about peace and security. Nevertheless, he said that there are a number of things causing the world great concern, and particularly the government of Rwanda. Those things are jeopardizing peace and security world over, and Rwanda is not spared though its situation is not so far alarming.

Police Officer Induction Week Gisenyi

Just to cite a few examples among others, he said, “Our world today is experiencing a set of issues which make it difficult to maintain sustainable peace and security. Just to give you examples, I can cite terrorism, human trafficking, sexual violence made to young girls and women, violence in households, drug abuse as well as beating and causing wounds. It’s a pity that young people like you today are blindly engaged into some of such abominable actions instead of pursuing their dreams and ensuring a bright future.”

The Chief Inspector of Police elaborated on each issues and everything considered, he exhorted the youth in attendance to live a life free of drugs, and premarital sex. Particularly, he urged them to learn to say “no” to people who come and dupe them aiming at engaging them in terrorist acts, and the like.

It followed that Mr. NSABIMANA Sylvain, the guest of honor, also took the floor. In his remarks, he put forward some points of supplement to reinforce the briefings by the Chief Inspector of Police. Being a product of ULK, he told the gathering that he had a great privilege to study the course dubbed, “Ethics and Rwandan Culture and Civic Education”, a course delivered by the Founder and President of ULK. He went on to say that through this course he was imparted with ethical values which have been guiding him, hence making him a successful. Most importantly, he bid students expecting to study the same course to ascertain they make use of its contents to build a better tomorrow

ULK Gisenyi Induction Week Speaker

Moving on to the induction week itself, Mr. NSABIMANA Sylvain expressed his thanks to those who had devoted themselves to training and initiating the new students. It is on this note of gratitude that he declared closed the induction week.

ULK Gisenyi Campus Induction Week Group Photo


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