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Like any other members of the human family, ULK/GISENYI CAMPUS Community marked the 65th anniversary of genocide convention. The event took place in the premises of the afore-mentioned campus on 9th December, 2013.
To make the event more colorful, two presenters led the audience into the essence of genocide. They include Mr Alexandre SEBUHURA and Mr Peter SHEMA both serving ULK/GISENYI CAMPUS as lecturers.
Since ULK strongly believes that God is at the heart of any human achievement, the function was introduced by a word of prayer led by Charles RUHARA, a doctor to be and currently hired as the dean of the faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Studies.
Before calling upon presenters to come and illustrate what they had for the eager-looking audience, Mr Sylvain NIZEYIMANA, the Master of Ceremony, requested Dr. CYEZE Emmanuel MUNYAMASOKO, Vice- Rector Academics of ULK/GISENYI CAMPUS, to introduce participants. He thus started with Rusine Rachel NYIRASAFARI, Vice-Mayor in Charge of Social Affairs in the district, withMichel KIMENYI, RPF Chairman in the above mentioned district, Alphonse MUNYANGABO, Officer in charge of Immigration and Emigration in the Western Province, KABANDA, IBUKA Representative in Rubavu District and Théodore MBAGARAMBE, Rubavu Community Radio Journalist to mention but a few.
Shortly after the prayer, Sylvain NIZEYIMANA cordially invited the first presenter to make it to the stage and share with the audience what his presentation dubbed” Genocide Day” encompassed. Using various illustrations and evidences, Mr. Alexandre SEBUHURA explained clearly what genocide means and mentioned some places where this heinous crime has so far taken place. The audience could be seen nodding as a sign of kind attention from start to end.
No sooner had SEBUHURA wound up his presentation than the Master of Ceremony gave Peter SHEMA the greenlight to tell the audience the insights of his topic “Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide”. This presenter proved to be well up in crime-related laws. He said, “The crime of genocide never wears out”. His presentation triggered more interest from the audience.
When the function was drawing to the end, the audience was given time to ask questions to better conceptualize matters related to genocide. It is at this time when five students broke the ice and asked questions which were answered by both presenters and dignitaries present at the function. When everyone seemed satisfied, Dr. Emmanuel MUNYAMASOKO was handed the microphone and thanked participants. He also suggested that more constructive topics be presented for the betterment of our country and the world at large. It is the ending prayer led by the aforementioned Vice-Mayor that marked the end of the event.

Good to say, there is a glimmer of hope that the future of Rwanda will be genocide free given the fact that young people are the ones taking a lead in peace related discussions.

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