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On 21st March 2014, ULK/Gisenyi Campus’ Debate Club, represented by Vandric Mukangi, Margrit Nyiramutuzo and Munyakabuga Ndongozi, set off for Karongi to compete with UR-College of Medicine and Health Studies’ Debate Club, represented by Angela Umutoni, Ali Shyaka and Jeanine Uwase. The motion read, “ This house believes that Collectivism as a way of business interaction is better than Individualism.’

Before tossing the coin to know which institution would argue for motion and which one would argue against it, the chief observer from RGB, Mr. Sabiti Fred, took the floor to recall the main objectives of the debate competitions that RGB is organizing in institutions of higher learning across the country. He made it clear that the debate competitions aim at awakening and/or increasing the Rwandan intellectual youth’s awareness of the good governance principles. He went on to say that the debate competitions also aim at improving leadership skills among Rwandan students so that they could become responsible tomorrow’s leaders.

It followed that the chief judge, Ms. Jennifer Batamuliza, a professional lecturer from Kigali College of Technology, proceeded with clarifying some hints on how to debate successfully. Having made her point clear, the coin got tossed. ULK/Gisenyi debaters picked the opposition side, and this made their few supporters in attendance break the feather for it seemed not easy to contradict the motion. You could see people in attendance whisper, “Today, the gods are against ULK/Gisenyi debaters!”

Surprisingly, ULK/Gisenyi students proved to be professional debaters. Indeed, they made strong points discrediting the motion, in a strategized fashion. This made them gain even the support from many of UR-CMHS/KARONGI Students gathered in the debate room. You could hear the audience cheer up any debater who persuaded it, regardless the institution he/she belonged to. Indeed, this is intellectualism worthy of the name!

After each debating side had delivered its reply speech, each judge made an overall comment on the debate proceedings. ULK/Gisenyi Campus’ debaters were above all congratulated for complying with SEXI principle. That is, they succeeded in stating relevant points to the motion, satisfactorily explained and illustrated them. Everything considered, the jury proceeded with looking into the results. To the audience expectation, ULK/Gisenyi debaters were declared the winners. The motion was lost by 84 against 76 marks.

Having won, ULK/Gisenyi is to set for the capital city on 26th March, 2014 for quarter final. Anyway, the journey is still long!

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