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Yesterday, on 31st May 2017, ULK/Gisenyi Campus Students had a great privilege to be briefed on the role of Electronic Billing Machines (EBM) in promoting tax compliance in Rwanda. The presentatation was given by Mr. MBERA Emmy, Cordinator of EBM in RRA.

To kick off, Mr. MBERA Emmy made it clear the EBM, which is an IT based invoicing system, came to sort out demerits of the manual or paper based invoicing system that Rwandans had been using in years. Such demerits include among others; forgery of invoices resulting into unreported sales and undue VAT refund claims, double sales invoice books (especial large, medium or small family owned businesses), cost and time taken during tax audits, lack of transparency in the course of tax audits, etc. The presentor went on to state and elaborate on benefits of EBM. No wonder, anyone will tell in view of the limitations of using the manual invoicing system.

RRA EBM Workshop at ULK Gisenyi Campus

Moving on to the the role of Electronic Billing Machines (EBM) in promoting tax compliance in Rwanda , Mr. MBERA told the gathering that  the situation is promising. However, he said that EBM is still facing challenges. Hence, the contributition of university students to promoting EBM is of utmost value.

He said, 

EBM performance is good when you go up the ladder from the year of its implementation in Rwanda in 2013. Anyway, it still faces certain challenges. As such, you’re expected to contribute to promoting EBM by requesting an EBM invoice for any item you buy, denouncing any individual or company not issuing EBM invoice, advocating and constituting EBM and tax ambassadors in universities and communities, etc.

In his closing remarks, Prof. Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel urged the students in attendance to academically benefit from the presentation.

“It’s blindingly obvious that a university without conferences such this is like a dead university. I hope you’ve  specifically maximized the utility of today’s presentation. Several  dissertation topics can be set from  today’s presentation. So, I urge you to take good note of those topics from which to choose when you’ll be deciding on which topic to work on,” he briefed the students.

Prof. Dr Cyeze Emmanuel during EBM Workshop at ULK Gisenyi Campus


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