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On 20th October 2017, ULK/Gisenyi Campus hosted a commission from CHENO (The Chancellery for Heroes, National Orders and Decorations of Honour). The commission was led by Mr. Alexis who briefed the students on heroism.

To start with, Mr. Alexis gave some brief historical background information on heroism in Rwanda. He pointed out criteria worthy of consideration when it came to selecting heroes in ancient Rwanda. It is no wonder that ethical values, including patriotism, courage and sacrifice, were taken into account. Sad to say, during the colonial era, were named heroes people who embraced the politics of the colonizers to the detriment of ethical values.

It followed that the speaker told the gathering that CHENO has found it worthwhile giving talks on heroism in different institutions of higher learning across the country in a bid to restore and/or strengthen the culture of heroism among young people. And it is in the same perspectives that heroism clubs are to be put in place in those institutions.

He went further explaining the correlation between heroism and the history of a country in these words:

“If we trace back in history of countries across the world, a State cannot exist without heroes who, thanks to their patriotism, courage, sacrifice and the like fought for building that State. In actual fact, heroism goes hand in hand with the history of a country. Heroes’ sacrifice is all that made our country, Rwanda.”

After a warm question-answer session, the students elected three fellow students to constitute ULK/Gisenyi Campus Patriotism Club. To this, Mr. Dan TURATSINZE topped the ladder as president of the club. Miss Zurfat UMWARI was elected vice president and Mr. Jean Marie KANEZA secretary of the club. Still there, lecturer Sylvain NIZEYIMANA was elected advisor.

It is on a word of gratitude to the guests and a prayer, by DVC Academics, that the conference was brought to close.


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