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On 4th October 2017, ULK/Gisenyi Campus students had a great privilege to be briefed on security by Major General Alexis KAGAME, Army Commander in the Western Province. In actual fact, he made it to the campus in opportune time as the induction week’s activities for the academic year 2017-2018 were beating their full.

To start with, the Army Commander talked of the fight RPF Inkontanyi carried out to liberate Rwandans from the former regime. He emphatically told the gathering that they fought hard to get there; hence the need to always carter for liberation gained.
“Our fight for liberation was not a piece of cake at all. We braved the forest, went hungry, lost our fellow freedom fighters, etc. Now that we are free, we should always ascertain nothing dares destroy our freedom,” he said.
Talking about security, he made it clear that Rwanda is developing at a rapid pace thanks to various factors; good leadership, security, just to mention among others. He went on to emphasize that security plays a pivotal role in the development of any country. That being said, he called upon everyone to contribute to maintaining security within Rwanda and beyond its borders.
He stated, “Rwanda is not a small country, as some people might think. Rwanda is a great country instead. We are militarily, politically and economically strong. Our security is not questionable. Security allows our populations to go about their daily businesses and develop themselves. It should, anyway, be borne in mind that maintaining security is not just the attribution of the military and the police. Maintaining security calls for each and every citizen’s responsibility (…)”
Asked whether students can join the army, he replied in affirmative. Nevertheless, he said that besides being educated, there are other requirements to be fulfilled; being disciplined, being physically fit, etc. To this, he encouraged those eager and meeting the enrolment requirements to join RDF. Disclosing the secret behind RDF training he said, “We train hard to fight easy”.

In his closing remarks, Prof Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics emphasized what the Army Commander had told the gathering. Simply put, he said that security and hard work are the backbone of any country’s development. It is on this note that the conference was brought to close.

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