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Today, 2nd November 2016, a commission from Panafrican Movement Rwanda made it to ULK/Gisenyi Campus to brief students on Panafricanism. After a welcome note by the Campus Number One, Prof. Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel, Honorable UMULISA Henriette, Deputy Chairperson of the movement, took the floor and disclosed the motive behind their visit.

As a matter of fact, the commission has been touring different institutions of higher learning across the country with the aim of launching Panafrican Clubs. She went on to give the historical background of Panafricanism, to point out the correlation between this movement and good governance. Most importantly, she made it clear the need to establish Panafrican Clubs within institutions of higher learning, ULK among others.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr VUNINGOMA James, Panafricican Movement Rwanda commissioner, shed more light on what Panafricanism is all about. He recalled some of the people (NKWAME Nkrumah, AIME Cesaire, LEOPOLD Sedar Senghor, Patrice LUMUMBA, ect.) who pioneered for Panafricanism to make it a crucial movement.

Anyway, he stated that a number of Africans still think in a backward way, they still place themselves at the bottom of the ladder while placing the white at the top of it. That being said, he declared that it is high time that Africans and particularly Rwandans should liberate their mind, and one best way to get there is to join Panafricanism.

“We Africans need to decolonize our mind. Never shall we contribute to developing our countries and Africa at large so long as we underrate ourselves (…)”, he was quoted saying.


Before winding up his talk, he asked the students in attendance whether they were ready to liberate their mind. To this question, unnumbered “yeses” could be heard from the audience. It is on that acceptance reaction that Dr VUNINGOMA told the gathering that they needed to start right away and right there at the campus and join Panafrican Movement Rwanda.

In a bid to supplement Dr VUNINGOMA, Mr. RUBURIKA Anthony, an official from RGB, briefed the students that it was time they should stand and say “NO” to neocolonialism and the like. He urged them to embrace the movement and ascertain they contribute to changing the backward mentality of their fellow citizens.

Each and every guest having briefed the gathering, Prof. Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel uttered a word of gratitude and eventually called it a day. It should be noted that the Panafrican Committee is to be put in place within the campus a.s.a.p.


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