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0n February 24th, 2017 a two-fold presentation -corruption and reproductive health- was jointly carried out at ULK/Gisenyi Campus by Hon. Senator BISHAGARA Therese and Hon. MP MUKABIKINO Henriette. The audience was eager to hear from them, not only because they are high ranked officials but also because they once happened to be members of ULK Community. In his introductory remarks, DVC Academics revealed to the audience that the former served ULK as Vice-President of its Board of Directors, while the latter is ULK product.

Uttering with a motherly tone, Senator BISHAGARA Therese started by exhorting the students to take their studies seriously since the skills and knowledge they have been gaining from the university will greatly contribute to making a better tomorrow. After this exhortation note, she tackled the topic of her presentation. One of her statements worth mentioning here goes,

Rwanda was ranked the 50th least corrupted nation out of 175 countries, according to the 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index reported by Transparency International. You’ll all agree with me that we’ve made commendable efforts in controlling corruption, compared to many countries.  Still, the journey is still long.

- Hon. Senator BISHAGARA Therese, Rwanda Parliament

Calling the audience upon joining the fight against corruption, she made it clear that fighting corruption is a fight that engages every citizen.

“It goes without saying that the government of Rwanda has put in place various institutions such as the Office of the General Auditor, the Office of Ombudsman and Transparency International Rwanda. Anyway, you shouldn’t lose sight! Stick in your mind that the fight against corruption is not just the responsibility of the government, it is rather a collective responsibility, that is, a fight calling for each and every citizen’s contribution.”She was quoted saying.

The introduction of the presentation on reproductive health by Hon. MUKABIKINO Henriette was welcomed by a thunder of applause from the audience that was greatly made up of the youth. They were indeed excited and all ears throughout the presentation. Hon. MUKABIKINO Henriette elaborated on consequences that young people are bound to suffer once they rush into sex; early and/or unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, just to mention but a few. It is no wonder that the students in attendance benefited a lot from her presentation since it was overtly advising.

It’s a great privilege for you to be referred to as university students today. So please, don’t spoil your future, learn to say NO to pre-marital sex. In your endeavor to successfully complete your studies, make sure you remain sex free. Stick to the core values of ULK, a university that contributed a lot to shaping me.

- Hon. MUKABIKINO Henriette, Rwanda Parliament

As he closed the function, DVC Academics, Prof. Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel thanked both presenters for their clear and sound presentations. Reinforcing what was bidden to the students, he recalled a quotation by John Lock which goes, “A healthy soul in a healthy body.”


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