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Whenever one is young, they always have ambitions and a lot of aspirations. A typical example to this is the case of young children attending elementary education. When you happen to ask such kids what they would like to become in the days ahead, they will give you a list of positions they aspire to occupy. Some will tell you that they would like to become medical doctors, teachers, accountants, IT engineers, pilots, to mention but a few.

Of course you will agree with me if I say that all those positions are possible if and only if the aspirant keeps his/her education intact. In other words, education is the only path that can successfully lead to any position in the world. It is in this respect that on 17th May 2016, secondary school students from Uzima Institute/ Goma visited Kigali Independent University, Gisenyi Campus with express purpose being to personally see how education is offered at ULK and then see whether they can join the institution for their Bachelors’ program.

Since the visit had been notified ahead of time, ULK buses were allocated to take the students who were accompanied by their teachers, to the university campus. Upon their arrival at the campus, they were warmly welcomed by the senior management and thereafter the exercise of showing them around kicked off. They visited lecture rooms, reception desk, the canteen, powder rooms, and offices among other locations.

Speaking at the function, Mr Kabasha Médard, Director of Academics expressed his gratitude to the team for their decision to visit ULK and wished them a wonderful stay. He proceeded with explaining to them various services offered by the University for them to have a general view of the university.


As the university has some principles that lead it towards success, Dr Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel had to take some minutes to shed light on the four principles the university has at its disposal. In so doing, he informed the visitors that the principles leading the university towards success are having faith in God, Knowing one’s mission on earth, having positive thoughts and living ethical values. “At ULK we believe in God as the supreme leader of the institution, thus we do everything possible to serve Him. Besides, we encourage our students to have positive thoughts and live ethical values as our fundamental values have it”, he told the visitors.


Usually a visitor feels satisfied if he is granted space for questions. Having this in mind, the ULK officials at the function welcomed questions from the visitors and then they satisfactorily answered them before the closing prayer was said.

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