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On 13th February 2017, Year 1 Law and Year 1 EBS (Economics and Business Studies) locked horns in a debate competition to determine who would make it through and who would be knocked out.


It is a competition that was organized by Kigali Independent University ULK through its Language Center. The main objective of the competition as highlighted by Jean Baptiste Manirakiza, Language Center Director, is to instill into students’ minds the culture of debating which enables them to become confident public speakers, good leaders of tomorrow, but most importantly to cement the spirit of brotherhood among ULK students.

“ These debates were organized to usher the culture of debating among our students so as to sharpen their public speaking skills and cement their brotherhood that will enable them to become good leaders in the days to come”, he emphatically said.

The competition is expected to run from 13th February 2017 up to 23rd February, 2017. All classes found at Kigali Independent University ULK will take part in this competition.  It is in this framework that students from Year one Law and Year one EBS met to prove their skills in the world of debating.

Three adjudicators, namely Mr. Agaba Ambroise, Chantal Tuyishimire and Assielle Ndayisaba impartially assessed the debaters ‘skills from start to finish.


The team of judges

Before the beginning of the clash, the exercise of coin tossing took place to determine which side would support and which one would propose the motion which goes, “THIS HOUSE BELIEVES THAT MONEY IS THE SOURCE OF HAPPINESS.”

The result of coin flipping revealed that year 1 Law was to oppose while year 1 EBS was to propose the motion. A time-keeper was put in place to insure that time was to be well managed and no one was to go beyond the allocated time. Besides, the Chief Judge, Ambroise Agaba, instructed the debaters and the audience to know what is allowed and what is tabooed. Shortly after the instructions, the debate officially started.

Every speaker was granted 5 minutes to echo his/her arguments and then one minute was given to either side to conclude their views and clearly state their positions.



As soon as the debaters had finished echoing their views, the judges took some minutes to calculate their marks and finally announce the winner.

At the end of the day, the chief judge grabbed the microphone and loudly announced that the debate was tight and hot in such a way that determining the winner cost them an arm and a leg. However, when two sides are battling for one slot, it is obvious that one of the two must be knocked out. It is in this respect that he declared Year1 Law winners after having garnered 76.38% marks against 71.89% for Year 1 EBS.

Having won this clash, Year 1 Law goes through and waits for more teams to qualify so as to face one of them in semi-finals.

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