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The interclass debated competition that has been going on since 13 February 2017, ended in style today on 13th March, 2017 with year 3 International Relations students emerging the champions.

It was an event in which both year 1 Law and Year 3 International Relations met to debate on the motion which goes, “Lack of African Unity is not the cause of African underdevelopment”. Year one Law had to propose the motion while year three International Relations had to reject the motion.

ULK Debate Final

ULK Debate Final

Both teams proved to have searched the motion as they could argue with facts from well known sources. They could quote writers, journals, important personalities, to mention but a few.

The table of judges was made up of Norah NATUKUNDA, Chantal TUYISHIMIRE and Ambroise AGABA who was the chief judge. Every judge independently awarded marks to each and every debater and thereafter they had to put their marks together to determine the winning side.

ULK Debate Final Team of Judges

Team of judges

After each and every debater had echoed their arguments, every judge held the microphone to give comments on shortcomings and points to salute as far as every debater is concerned. It is in this respect that, Judge Norah NATUKUNDA criticized the lack of gender balance in year three International Relations. As she pointed it out, when a debating team is solely made of male debaters or female debaters, it does not portray a pretty sight to the audience.

ULK Debate Final

When Judge Chantal TUYISHIMRE grabbed the microphone to utter her views, she made it clear that though the debaters proved to have searched the motion, they still failed to satisfactorily come up with a lot of statistics to better convince the audience.

ULK Debate Final

As for Chief Judge Ambroise AGABA, he took an ample time criticizing at the same time lauding every debater by showing them their areas of improvement as well as the areas of perfection. He made it clear that it is good to show the audience that you want them to be convinced from the beginning not at the end of the debate. He also reiterated that all the debaters proved to have taken their time to gather more information related to the motion at hand.

Speaking at the function, Mr. Jean Baptiste MANIRAKIZA, Director of the Language Center at Kigali Independent University, expressed his satisfaction vis-à-vis the results achieved from the competition. As he said, the road is not over yet. More competitions are yet to come.

“I’m very grateful for the results achieved from this interclass debate competition. We have managed to discover numerous talents and this is a great step for the university. However, don’t think you have reached the end. We still have various competitions to take part in. We still have to attend national competitions, regional competitions why not global competitions”, he proudly said.

ULK Debate Final

At the end of the day, year 3 International Relations students were declared winners while their rivals were declared first run-up. It should be noted that the best debaters were awarded with certificates while the champions were given certificates and the championship trophy.



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