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Friday the 5th December 2014, ULK Gisozi hold a conference intended to sensitizing young intellectuals on their role to actualize the transformation of the country and shape the destiny of their nation. The Guest speakers at the conference were the Owner of the Clarion Institute Mr. Samuel Lock, from Singapore, a Professional Trainer & Coach with worldwide renown in Crisis Management and Personal as well as Organizational Resilience.

In his companionship were Courtney Tee, a motivational speaker from South Korea and SEBAKORA Sandrali, the Vice President of ICCC (The International Christian Chamber of Commerce). The guests were warmly welcomed by the Founder of ULK Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA BALINDA and the Rector of ULK SEKIBIBI Ezechiel who graced the event with their presence.

The talk was centered on the way God could transform the destiny of Rwandan nation, socially, politically and economically once intellectuals believers took lead and collaborate with Him receiving his anointment and go by their appointment.

“The closer you get to God, the bigger your wisdom, the stronger your courage get. Make a huge change to the destiny of your nation”

Mr. Samuel Lock said that it is good time for Rwanda as nation to rise and shine. The speaker reminded the students that they are the hope of tomorrow and should therefore subject their intellect to God; the source of wisdom.
Accountability and faithfulness towards personal mission were also recalled to be regarded before one seeks for blessings and stronger power from God. “The closer you get to God, the bigger your wisdom, the stronger your courage get. Make a huge change to the destiny of your nation”, Mr. Samuel Lock urges. The audience was encouraged to become leaders by excellence, receiving the anointment of Daniel, Joseph and Noah( the Biblical Biographies). God can make youth today visualize the vision for their nation like Daniel; understand and strategize the vision like Joseph and actualize their destiny like Noah.

Courtney Tee, a motivational speaker from South Korea addressed the congregation about the importance of healing, forgiveness and reconciliation. The speaker inspired hope to Rwandans that sustainable transformation is possible with Rwanda as it has been true with South Korea whereby she insisted on the impact of prayers to the development of her nation. This requires a renewed mind, understanding God’s purposes, and the ability to hear what God is saying
The Vice President of ICCC in Rwanda stated his mission to inspire, equip, young and adult to perform their tusks even more seriously as from the calling of God. “ Be yourself , be faithful to your task knowing that you are accountable to God. With God you will make wonders. ” He recommends. ICCC is a global network founded by J. Gunnar Olson in 1985 with a dream to grow a worldwide people who know God and whose business and working lives are increasingly an outward manifestation of an inward walk of faith, motivated by God’s love. ICCC has spread around the world, on every continent and Africa included.

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